What is Internet?

Internet is a global network where millions of computer is connected with each other with the help of cables, satellites, wireless networks, and telephone lines. When all these computers are connected  with each other over internet, they can send and receive text, videos, voice, e-mail etc.

No one is the owner of Internet, however there are some organizations who looks after it development and functioning. The Internet is the largest network and sometimes it is also known as expressway of information’s where you can access information with the help of web.

How Internet Works?

We know Internet is a worldwide network of many computers which are linked with each other by telephone wires, cables, satellites, and wireless networks. To understand how internet works in simple process let assume all computers on internet are divided in categories-

  1. Servers.
  2. Browsers.
  1. Servers- Servers are the place where all the data is stored. It is a super computer which store information, it also share stored information with other servers and make it available to public.
  • Browser- Browser is software or application which people use it to access World Wide Web. When computer is connected to the internet, it is actually connected to the Internet Service Provider (ISP). Here ISP server provide is a link between browser and rest of the internet. One single ISP server controls  the internet connections of many browsers.

The process is explained better in this picture-

Browser first sends request to ISP servers, once the request is received by servers, webpage is displayed on your browser. ISP servers are connected with host servers because one server cannot have all the information available on Internet. All website of the world is stored on host server, the work of host server is to store data and information and make it accessible to other servers. The picture below shows how ISP server is connected with host servers and all other computers.

Evaluation of Internet-

ARPANET stands for Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, internet came out of ARPANET.  In 1960 US Department of Defence established ARPANET for military research. Later on in 1972, the ARPANET took the name of Internet because it was growing beyond the expectation of US Government.

Uses of Internet-

In modern world Internet is the most powerful and useful technology.  Internet not only helps in our day to day life, but it also helps in doing our personal and professional work fast and smartly. Internet is helpful to all like students, doctors, teachers, businessman etc. Overall Internet is the largest encyclopedia, for all age categories.

Advantages of Internet-

  1. 24×7 Availability- Service of Internet is available 24×7 days for usages.
  • E-mail- Email is very important part of internet service which is used to send and receive instant messages. Email is fast, free and cheap when it is compared to fax and postal services. In this modern and fast world e-mail plays important role because important projects and secret files are shared through e-mails. Without internet this services are not possible.
  • Informations- Information is the biggest advantages of Internet. Almost every kind of information is available on internet for pretty much on every subject.
  1. We can get information about companies profile like- Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Pizza Hut, KFC etc. All information about this companies are easily available on their websites and we can easily visit these websites with the help of internet.Finding job vacancies is very easy with the help of internet. There are hundreds of mobile applications and websites in every country. These websites and mobile applications provide information to jobless people in their national language so it would be easy to find jobs related to their interest. Reading newspaper and magazines are very simple and easy with the help of internet. We can get all latest news update from all around the Globe.With the help of internet results of student are easily accessible. To access the result the only thing you must have is right roll no. Put your roll no. in the search bar of school or university and get your result.

4-Online Banking- Online banking gives you the power and ability to manage your money with the help of internet.  It is not important to visit to your bank branch, just download mobile application or even you can visit website of banks. You can open new bank account, pay bills of telephone, internet, and electricity.  With the help of online banking it is very easy to transfer funds from one account to another or even checking your saving account.

  • Social Networking- The main advantage of Social Media is that it allow us to stay connected with our friends and family. You can search your old friends and also you can share your special events on Social Media.  Social Media allow you to promote your business to the extremely large audience. You can promote your business to the whole world, this technique makes your business more profitable and advertisement less expensive.
  • E-Commerce-  E-Commerce is the processof buying and selling of products with the help of Internet. E-Commerce gives you the freedom to buy or sale products twenty-four hours a day with a global reach. With no geographical boundaries you can sale to anyone in the world.
  • Entertainment- Internet gives freedom to access large range of Movies, Music and Video Songs. You can watch Live TV and millions of videos on YouTube. You can even play online games with the help of Internet.

Disadvantages of Internet-

1-Hacking-  Using your account online may increase the chances of Hacking. Your bank account, e-mails, websites, social media account can be hacked by a hacker.

2-Wrong Information- There are hundreds of website available on internet where anyone can publish an article very easily. The article available on these websites may be wrong because all writers are not expert.

3- Virus and Malware threat- If you download anykind of file or you visit wrong websites your computer, laptop or mobile can be easily affected by virus. This is one of the most dangerous disadvantages of internet.

  • Web-Crime- Do you know we use only 5% of websites on internet and the remaining 95% is hidden.  This 95% of hidden web is controlled by government and sometimes it may be used by hackers or wrong persons for illegal activities.
  • Fake News- There are lots of YouTube channel and news websites which publish fake news and content on their channel and website to become famous on Internet. So always use trusted websites and channels on internet.

Conclusion- Internet is very important part of our life. For almost everything we use the internet.  Business and trade has seen a biggest growth with the help of internet because it has become easier for both sellers and buyers to sale and buy products. As we know, we use only 5% of websites on internet and the rest 95% is hidden. This 95% are controlled by government and sometimes it may be used by wrong persons. Internet is the greatest invention and it is the best gift to humans so it our responsibility to use internet for good purposes.

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